Frequently Asked Vehicle Graphic Questions
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    Why Install Vehicle Graphics?

    Putting vehicle graphics on your work trucks gives you free advertisement while the truck is being driven or sitting on a job site. Vehicle graphics are cost effect and can provide you with thousands of impressions per day! A nice vehicle wrap will catch someone’s eye from a distance or a traditional, solid color, set of cut vinyl vehicle graphics will put your name, phone number, and website out to the public.

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    How Much Will Vehicle Graphics or a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

    Vehicle graphics can cost very little or a lot! It all depends on total square footage of vinyl that needs to be cut and applied. Higher quality vinyl will make your vehicle graphics last longer but are more expensive. Reflective vinyl can also be used and the costs are different on that material as well. If you don’t want to permanently stick your vehicle graphics to your work vehicle, consider having magnets made instead.

    The cost of a vehicle wrap done with a 4-color process so you can even print photographs on it, will vary greatly in price depending on the square footage of the vehicle and how difficult the install will be due to the shape of the vehicle.

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    Will the Vehicle Graphics Harm My Car or Truck?

    If left on the vehicle for a long period of time, you may notice some fading of the paint on the vehicle due to the vehicle graphics blocking any sun from penetrating. The vehicle graphics will not harm the paint in any way though, and can be removed with a solution that won’t harm your paint and peeled off quickly.