Bandit Signs

Bandit Signs


Bandit signs are an ideal choice for many apartment complexes and real estate agents. Bandit signs are a great way to market your new or existing apartment complex along with your logo, phone number and website.

Century Marketing offers a wide selection of custom designed bandit signs in the Kansas City Metro area that will attract your target audience by bright colors and a creative design. Our standard bandit sign size is 18″x24″ and is the standard size for most bandit signs no matter what your profession. Smaller or larger signs can be custom made, as all of our designs are custom designed by our graphic designers.


We use your company colors and offer you an extensive color palette to choose from. Choose from 3M cut vinyl colors such as: red, yellow, green, black, and white for your custom printed bandit signs. We can also screen print all bandit signs, which allows you to choose any color imaginable.

Things to look for when you are considering bandit sign printing is durability and the level of traffic where you are placing your signs. Because your signs will be outside, you want your bandit signs to be made of a durable material that is designed to last. We offer corrugated signs with 3M cut vinyl or screen printed bandit signs. Bandit signs can either be single or double sided depending on where you’re placing them.

In addition, if you would like to give your message that extra pop, we can custom create a 6″x12″ rider to sit on top of your bandit sign and increase your exposure. Whether you want to pick up your signs yourself or have them delivered, leave it to Century Marketing to handle every detail to your complete satisfaction.