Stress Toys



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Are you overstressed or do you just want something fun to do while you’re sitting in that office staff meeting? Century Marketing can fix that with a polyurethane stress reliever toy that won’t get you in hot water with your boss. We can provide a variety of stress toys such as: stress balls, foam hearts for the medical field, foam hard hats, fun cartoon figures, and many more!

Promotional stress toys are an excellent business gift for you’re under pressure staff or clients. Stress toys are a great way to say Thank You to your staff and to your clients, while spreading the word of your company. All stress toys are completely customizable and you can add your company logo, tagline, website, and phone number.

These stress toys are ultimately a fun and simple way for you to brighten the mood in your workplace. Hit a home run with your co-workers or employees with the baseball stress ball. They are super squishy and addictive to play with. The Gripper Star Stress Toys also provide fun and reduce stress without being your ordinary foam ball. Isoflex has a unique soothing irresistible feel because it is filled with micro beads and only Isofelx is double lined for extra durability and has high quality double protection against leakage and breakage.

In addition, The Dyna-Flex Powerball has made the cover of Time magazine noting that repeated use may aid in the prevention of repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. It can help build strength while improving coordination which can aid in golf, tennis, bowling or any sport that require a strong grip.