Promotional Pens for Trade Shows and Handouts




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Looking for a way to put your company name and logo in front of hundreds or thousands of people for a small investment? Custom promotional pens from Century Marketing are perfect. Custom promotional pens are an inexpensive way to advertise your company and build brand awareness. Your customers can use the custom pens in your place of business or take them with them, where they may be picked up by more people, giving your company even more exposure.

Promotional pens are great for all kinds of businesses looking for exposure, such as banks, retails stores, grocery stores, colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes. They are also great for organizations or events.

Century Marketing offers a wide range of custom pens. You can order anything from an inexpensive plastic stick pen all the way up to a retractable metal ball point gift pen and everything in between. Century Marketing’s custom promotional pens come in a variety of colors and at a range of prices. You can add your logo and company name to any of Century Marketing’s imprinted pens. Plastic pens are screen printed with your logo in one or two colors. Metal gift pens are laser engraved. In addition to custom pens, Century Marketing also offers custom highlighters and a variety of custom pencils, including wooden pencils and mechanical pencils.