Let Us Wrap Your Vehicle

There’s a lot of work involved in wrapping a vehicle. You have to take accurate measurements which often involves tracking down a vehicle on location. Once the measurements are complete, the wrap needs to be designed and approved by the client. Then we print, which depending on the size of the wrap, can take up to a couple of days. Most of the time, businesses are very busy so it is a challenge to coordinate a time for the wrap installation. Overall, we try to make the process (and the wrap!) as seamless and smooth as possible for the customer. We know our customers are trying to operate a business just as we are, and time is a very valuable thing. That’s why it is important to communicate the expectations of both parties so the wrap is completed in a timely manner. When everything is in line, it typically takes 1-2 days to complete the wrap installation. On most occasions, we will handle the pickup and delivery of the vehicle when complete. Let us know if you’ve got a vehicle that needs a transformation with an eye-catching vehicle wrap. It’s a great form of advertising for your business.