The Best and Worst Sports Logos of 2014

Well, it’s that time again. has compiled the winners of the coveted and not-so-coveted best logo and worst logo of 2014. For the main discussion points of these awards, the sport of hockey was dominant. The winner of best primary logo of the year was for a Russian hockey team called Amur Khabarovsk(The Tiger logo). Looking at the 2014 competition, I believe this logo is worthy of being the winner. The illustration is clean, crisp and well rendered. It is detailed enough to accurately portray a furiocious tiger, but simple enough to avoid gratuitous details.

The winner of the worst primary logo of 2014 is also a hockey mark. The Federal Hockey League team the Southwest Pennsylvania Magic won the dishonors with a truly awful execution. It looks like an amalgam of bad clipart thrown together, which it very well may be. I have not heard of the Federal Hockey League, so this may actually bring welcome publicity. But it still is not as bad as last year’s worst.

A logo for the same Russian hockey league appears to be rated too high at number 6. The mammoth mark is not very clean and is caught halfway between a logo and a drawing. The result is a sloppy looking logo that should not be ranked in the top 10. Maybe fans of the team got together in a concerted effort to bring the average score up.

I believe the most underrated mark is the high-profile Florida State logo at number 16. The logo is cleaner, is shaped more skillfully and is just plane better than the Russian Mammoth logo, for instance. Maybe people grew tired of hearing about Jameis Winston, as I did, and the logo scores suffered for it. Who knows.

And finally the winner of best Secondary logo of the year and in my opinion, the hippest, is the Philadelphia 76ers giving Ben Franklin the rock and letting him do his thing. You just can’t lose with that.