Best and Worst New Sports Logos of 2013

Ok. I am about a month and a half late, but I thought it would still be useful to comment on the lists of best and worst logos of the past year. As far as I know, this site contains the largest collection of sports logos on the web. Each logo is individually scored on a 1-10 scale by members after it is uploaded on the site. The only requirement to be a member is to sign up with an email address.

The new logo of 2013 that produced the highhest overall score and, therefore, won the “2013 Best New Sports Logo of the Year” award was the updated Creighton Bluejays logo. In this case I think the voters got it right as I see this as easily the best new logo of the year and the best improvement I have seen over the predecessor. The logo strikes the perfect balance between illustrative and simple you want in a sports logo. Every line is made with intention and it is very clean.

Other new logos I think are worth mentioning include the New Orleans privateers update and the Uconn Huskies update. The Privateers logo cracked the top 10, but I think it is better than several logos ranked above it and would I personally rank it in the top 5. The new Uconn Huskies logo is also underrated in my opinion at 22. I would put it in the top 10. The only criticism I have is that it is a perfect mirror image. It would be more dynamic if the shadows or rendering were a little different on one side (like the Privateers logo).

And the worst ranked logo of 2013 was the Appalachian State Mountaineers “logo” I spoke of in a past blog. This was no surprise. The only surprise is that it had an average score as high as 3.36, as I see this as possibly the worst update in the history of mankind.