WordPress Websites

How badly do you want to work on your own website and not have a guy like me update it each week for you? You still want that professional look and cool design though right? WordPress can do this for you but not everyone is capable of installing it and configuring it properly. We can do this for you.

Recently we’ve had a wave of customers wanting WordPress driven websites. This is something we haven’t done much of in the past but we are truly web developers and web designers, so we can tackle pretty much any kind of project. One of our projects is just about completed and the other two are almost there.

What I have discovered while working on these sites is that WordPress can be great, easy to manage, configure, and operate assuming you stick to what is common out there and don’t do anything crazy. What’s an example of something crazy? A custom photo gallery, custom web application, a different site structure for each page, you know, goofy things like that.

Finding plugins for different galleries, templates for the structure of the site, forms, so on and so on for a web developer it’s all pretty easy and gives the client a nice looking website. Not truly custom all around, but nice and not expensive.

Once these WordPress sites are online we will post them here and on Facebook and see what everyone thinks. I’m still not a huge fan of WordPress, but I’m starting to see certain applications and certain clients that would benefit from them over something else.