New WordPress Site

As we have mentioned on our Facebook account and on our blog here, we have had a lot more clients recently request WordPress driven websites. I personally don’t care for them much, largely because I enjoy coding and can have more flexibility just slinging code than running a CMS.

Regardless, we do this kind of work for clients when requested. One such client, Evan-Talan Homes, just completed their WordPress site and it is now online at

Check it out and let us know what you think. To me, most WordPress sites have similar features and follow a similar structure. Maybe the untrained eye doesn’t see these things but regardless, it made for a very nice site that our client can go in themselves and manage the content.

Their old website was WordPress based and they were very familiar with the management system and how to get around, install plugins, etc etc but wanted a new clean look. Some other features include a password protected photo gallery and they will soon have their floorplans online as well.

Overall it was a good experience for our team to get outside or normal box and work on a site and platform that we don’t do much of. Our client was very happy and we hope everyone else thinks the site looks good too!