Website Security

How many of you have gotten a call from your web hosting provider saying your site was hacked? Or, you or a client noticed something wrong with your site, Google warnings about malicious activity coming from your domain.

Depending on your line of business and how much you use your website, this can be a really big deal. Every hour that passes could mean lost business. So, what are some thing you should be doing to make sure your site doesn’t get hacked and what should you do if it does?

Here at Century Marketing, we develop a lot of websites using the extremely popular open source backend, WordPress. There are hundreds of millions of websites developed on WordPress because of the great community, support, and forward thinking. If we aren’t developing websites in WordPress, we are developing them as standalone HTML/CSS sites. If you have an HTML/CSS site, you really don’t need to worry about hacking because your site likely doesn’t allow any kind of access unless you have server access. And in that case, someone would have to hack the core of the server, not simply your site.

So let’s focus on WordPress sites and security.

You need to make sure you have a really good backup system in place. Backup weekly or monthly (or more if you are adding content on a daily basis) and keep those backups stored securely off-site. This will ensure that you can get a copy regardless of what happens in your physical office or at the server.

Make sure you update the WordPress core, plugin files, and theme files anytime there is an update. Do this right away as most updates are because of security vulnerabilities.

Use a security suite so you can change all the normal default stuff within WordPress and add 2-part authentication. When done right, this essentially makes it thousands of times harder for someone to hack your site.

Because WordPress is so popular, hackers find vulnerabilities within the core, plugins, or themes, then start looking online for sites that haven’t been updated and exploit that security flaw and gain access to your server or site. BAD NEWS!

We can manage your security and backup solutions for your WordPress sites. We do this on many of our sites and it is well worth the money to have the peace of mind that your site will be as up to date as possible. And if a hacker does get in, we will have a recent backup ready to go so your site won’t be down long. Once the backup is installed we can patch the security hole and you’re all set. This is an all inclusive package we offer, so if it sounds like something that interests you and your company, give us a call!