Web Security and Passwords

How secure are you with your passwords? We’ve touched on this subject in the past but it keeps coming up in conversation.

It seems that is you do at least 1 uppercase, lowercase and number, and have at least 8 characters, you should be pretty darn good. Why? Because there are so many possibilities for a computer to try or a human to guess.

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, and 26 uppercase letters in the alphabet, and 10 numbers (0-9) which means there is a possible 62 characters for each space in the password and if you have it 8 characters long that means there are: 62 * 62 * 62 * 62 * 62 * 62 * 62 * 62 = 218,340,106,000,000 combinations.

Now if you want to be really secure, add a symbol to your password as well. On the keyboard there are 32 symbols that I see so add that and you suddenly have a password that is nearly impossible for a computer to randomly guess or could take years to guess.