So Many Ways to Use QR Code on Your Business Cards

QR codes are everywhere you look now. Yes, those square boxes with a pattern that look like they could be a barcode. They have become very popular to put on one’s advertising because they are so easy to scan with your handy smartphone (which now days everyone has one of those). Everywhere you look, QR codes seem to be there, advertisements, ID cards, labels, billboards, business cards & brochures. They can be used to store someone’s contact information to your phone or take you to their website, this is why they are so popular.

Incorporating a QR code into a business card design can be tricky because you have such little space to work on to begin with, then you’re thrown the curveball of having to find somewhere to fit this box, where it looks presentable still.

Here are a couple ideas you can consider when adding a QR code on a business card.

Place the QR code on the back of the card. *Simple & clean.
Make it large & in charge on the front of the card. *Dominance can be a way of catching viewer’s attention.
Make a square business card. *The QR code is square right, why not the card?
Place the QR code as small as possible on a corner, therefore its not dominate and does not distract viewers.
Place your logo silhouette (faded or a different light color) behind the QR code.

There are many options that can be done to incorporate a QR into a business card design. It can be tricky, but thats the fun part of design, right? QR codes are currently widely used, so take advantage of getting your website & contact information out there by the click of a smartphone, it’s very easy & clients will love the new fun feature.