Wars On Kinkade

I was unaware that Thomas Kinkade passed away in April 2012. He was certainly a controversial figure. To be controversial you also have to have a certain amount of popularity. The self-described “painter of light” also described himself as “the most controversial painter in the world”. It is estimated that one in every 20 homes has a copy of one of his paintings. This statistic initially surprised me until I remembered that my mom owns one of his works, or at least his company’s works (which is where a lot of the controversy comes from). I would describe Thomas Kinkade as the Michael Bolton of the art world. Michael Bolton undeniably has a lot of talent. You might even like some of his songs, but you probably wouldn’t broadcast it too loudly.

Kincade was known for hiring painters to finish a prefabricated base designed by the artist. Artist Jeff Bennet has taken this concept a step further by adding his own flare to Thomas Kincade works: namely, adding the invasion of the Dark Side. It is dubbed the
“Wars on Kincade” series. These images depict the quaint, homey cottages being threatened under the Imperial Army occupation. They are pretty epic, really. They remind me of the wonderful “demotivational” poster series that mimics the motivational posters often found in work offices (you know, the skydivers that like teamwork). Although they may not be the most mature, they are certainly funny.