Vehicle Wraps on Location

Installing vehicle wraps on location can be a challenging task. One that requires not only the preparation of the wrap, but a close observance of the weather as well. It’s rare that you will find yourself installing a wrap in perfect conditions outside, so a few things to consider before you begin are: Any chance of rain? Wind speed? Temperature? I think it’s pretty obvious why one would not want to install a wrap in the rain or wind. Even the slightest breeze can grab ahold of a wrap panel and make it very challenging to properly place the graphic. The worst case scenario is the adhesive side being blown back and sticking to itself. Then it’s ruined. So, a general rule of thumb would be to look for a day when wind speeds are below 10 mph. Now as far as temperature, it goes without saying you want to steer clear of extremes. A good range, in my opinion, would be between 60-90 degrees. During application, if it’s really hot and sunny, the vinyl has a better chance of stretching and distorting your hard work. And when it’s cold it’s more difficult to get the vinyl to stick properly. Just my thoughts on a few things to consider when beginning the wrap installation process. Oh, and if you have a friend that offers up a garage or barn for the wrap installation, I suggest you take advantage. You never know what you’re going to run into out in the elements.