Updated Logo: Farmers Insurance

We are farmers! Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum! The Farmers Insurance tune is catchy and memorable. It gets stuck in my head, but not because it is annoying like most commercial jingles. Tangent: I always thought it would be amazing to make a living singing commercial jingles. To be able to sing with such passion about anything from floor cleaners to hemorrhoid treatment would never get dull. Anyone with me? Anyways, Farmers Insurance has done a lot right to improve their brand. They have adopted the catchy jingle and their television commercials are very entertaining with actor J.K. Simmons providing comic relief.

In order to take another major step in beefing up their brand, Farmers has updated their logo as well. This is the first update since 1958. I actually didn’t think the old logo was bad. It was very traditional looking, but traditional can often convey prestige. In the previous incarnation, “Farmers Insurance Group” reads on a big red shield with “Symbol of Superior Service” written below. The new logo appears to be a symbol of this symbol. The trend of flat design seems to be an influence. Everything is simplified and abbreviated into clean shapes. I checked to see if they have a phone app and they do. This new logo is more easily read on mobile devices. It is fair to say the old logo would be too detailed to be very successful for the mobile interfaces. What do you think?