How to Understand Website Statistics

How is your website doing and what kind of traffic do you get?

We send our SEO clients their monthly reports and know that most of the time they look at 1 number, and that is how many visitors they had that month. Some people will look at referring sites or some of the keywords that were entered but that’s about it and after months and months of looking at these, they start to look the same. Take a step back and look at the past year or past two years every once in a while so you can see trends especially in weather related industries, and from a birds eye view you can see changes in your site easier. Keep that in mind while looking at your reports. As a friend of mine says, many times to find the answers you need to look at the forest, not a single tree.

Here is how we define some of the stats that we look at if you need help understanding what they mean.

  1. Visitor: Someone who goes to your website
  2. Unique Visitor: For the given time range, a unique person going to your site 1 time. All additional visits by that person are not counted.
  3. Page Views: How many times a page was loaded by anyone during that time frame
  4. Bounce Rate: Percentage of single page visits to your site, they visit one page and nothing more. Maybe they found exactly what they needed and didn’t need or want to look further, or the other extreme and the site wasn’t at all what they wanted.
  5. Referring Site: A website that has a link to your website, and someone clicked on that link making it to your website. Facebook if you link back to your own site, sites you advertise on, organization websites with your link, and so on are common referring sites.

Those are the common definition questions we get from new clients, hopefully that helps a little.