Typography is one of the most basic & significant principles of a good design and is surprisingly overlooked more than it should be. What is typography you ask? It is the composition of arranging type into an appeasing shape without total awareness of the reader to make a language viable. It can be applied with text, captions, headings, names, web design, etc. It can make text easier to read. Yes, good typography is the size and style of the font, but it also is how the design leads the reader across the page in correspondence to the level of importance the different text & images are viewed.

Here are some things to take into consideration when choosing a font:

Line Spacing
The spacing between the lines of text. (Rule of thumb: 0.3em00.5em larger than the font size you are using)
Choosing what you want the viewer to focus on upon first glance of the design, you want this to be the most prominent.
The width of your text. Make sure the eye travels smoothly across the page.
Left, Centre, right & justified are the four types of alignment normally used.
Keep in mind viewers will be viewing the screen or print differently.
How thick the font is. Weight changed is used to add subtle definition to distinguish importance.

Typography is always going to be around. We use and see it everyday: your daily newspaper, the web, advertisements and packaging are just some examples. It is important for

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