What’s the Next Trend?

I’ve been wondering recently what the new trends to websites will be.

I’ve been out of college for 7 years now working professional on websites and it seems every 2 years things are very different than they were before. When I first got out of school everyone wanted Flash on their websites and even those stupid “Intro” pages. That died pretty quick thankfully.

New technologies allowed for some better designs and more real estate room on the monitor with higher resolution monitors. Faster internet speeds helped tremendously as well. Then there was a weird period of people not sure how to use this new stuff.

Now we are at a point where people have figured out good designs and even trended towards simple sites and not over the top with graphics. Added in videos, got rid of Flash in favor of JQuery interactivity, HTML5 and CSS3. Things are looking great!

We can’t sit back and think this is how it will be in 2 years of course. So what will happen? Social media has had a big impact the last couple years but companies are beginning to see what I told them 2 years ago…it doesn’t work for most!!!

Mobile websites will probably be huge in the coming years but hopefully people don’t forget their roots and a good solid well designed and implemented HTML/CSS/JavaScript website can really do a lot for a business.