Top Poster Artists Bring Screen-Printing To the Edge of Fine Art

Screen-printing is an old art form. Today it is most well known as a way to print art on t-shirts. At Century Marketing we can put cool custom art on your t-shirt for you through the screen-printing process. Today there is also an emerging society of artists that are pushing the limit of what the screen-printing process can achieve. This process is being advanced through the world of poster design. Kevin Tong and Laurent Durieux are two of the top artists in the world of screen printed poster art. They are showing that screen printed art, done the right way, can border on fine art in my opinion. In screen-printing they have created a space between digital art, which can be duplicated at the push of a button, and a physical painting, of which there is only one unique piece.

On the one hand, a screen printed poster is not as unique as a physical painting. The digitally created art can be printed at infinitum. On the other hand, the screen-printing process is an art in itself. It involves getting registration perfect for each layer of color, washing out the screens delicately to preserve the detail in each screen, and physically putting each layer of ink on the paper through elbow grease and a squeegee. This is not as simple as the push of a button. Your hands will get dirty. Each print will also be a little different than the next because of how the layers of ink are administered by hand. The result is a poster that has a tactile quality that cannot be mimicked with laser printing. These prints are most often produced in limited runs by the artist to preserve the uniqueness for their buyers. Once they are sold out the are not likely to print more. What do you think? Would you consider some of these posters “fine art”?