Top Design Trends

Using lighter color palettes
Using a lighter color palette is becoming a trend. In past years, bright colors were used frequently in design. Make it a point to stand out in whatever color palette you choose to use, it will make the world of difference.

Patterns in your design
A lot of luxury brand name designs use a pattern, it makes the product feel like one of a kind and makes a bold statement.

Its a big and important way to help the environment. The grocery reusable totes and plastic cups instead of paper are everywhere! A lot of designers are using more recycled product to make a different.

Light textures
By using a light texture, it creates a depth to the design and helps it stand out, which is the main purpose of design. The texture is also called noise, and by adding this it will add an interesting feel and visual effect for the viewers.

There are so many small details that can make or break a design, in addition to the ones above. A designer should take into consideration all the fine details when designing a piece, because that is what really will push your piece to the next level.