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Top 5 Web Design Trends of 2016

As we come closer to the end of 2016 we look back and remember what has been. In the world of web design, we have seen many things come and go in a matter of weeks, but some design trends are sticking around. Here is our list of the top 5 design trends of 2016 that we think you can benefit from in 2017.

When a potential customer comes to your site they want to be wow’d and be able to easily navigate your site. When the average user spends less than a minute on your landing page, you want to make sure they stick around. A well-designed page can help you do that.

Hero images are a great way to invite a customer into your site. A hero image is simply a large image that takes up the space on the screen before the user begins to scroll. Since we are heavily moved by vision, images are the fastest way to get someone’s attention. With a little added text in a simple font over the image, you’ll leave a great first impression.

Perhaps to go along with your hero image, you make your landing page a long scroll. Thanks to mobile devices we have become accustomed to their structure. Long scrolls make it easy for you to tell a story to your viewer. You can still have a menu bar too but instead of going to a different page, it drops you down to that section. Parallax images work great for long scroll sites. As the user is scrolling they will see more of the image revealed. This adds some whimsy and personality to your site as well.

Animations are another great way to add a little extra personality to your website. It is also fun and interactive for the user. Hover animations show minimalism and as viewers often hover over elements on a page automatically, it creates an intuitive grace about your website. Aside from hover animations, a simple loading animation can also entertain the user while they wait for a page to load. If it ties in with the rest of your site and your brand, a loading animation is a great tool to have in your designer toolbox.

Something many people overlook when thinking about designing their website is a slideshow or gallery. These elements can easily show an array of images of products or projects you’ve worked on in an easy way. This is helpful for you and your viewer, making it easily accessible for them and easy to maintain for you, while also getting a lot of information across in a simple way.

Having a responsive site design is key these days. A responsive website is one that converts for all formats mobile or desktop. You want a user who visits your website on a desktop or laptop to get the same experience as someone visiting on a tablet or mobile device. It offers simplicity for a designer and makes navigation a breeze for viewers.

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