Tis’ the Season for Politics

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a few signs popping up here and there in front yards across the metro. I’m not much for politics, but there are certain members of my family who hold strong opinions about the subject. We’ve had a sign or two in our yard in the past and I’m guessing we’ll have a new one soon. I was thinking maybe I could make one this year. I wonder if my wife would let me put a “Neil Young for President” sign in our yard. No, probably not. He’s Canadian anyways. And according to NBC he died. Oh wait, their mistake, it was Neil Armstrong. But I digress, what I’m trying to say is signs are a great way to promote your cause and show your support.

And what better place to fulfill your campaign advertising needs than Century Marketing? We offer a wide array of signage and promotional items to convey your message. Want to distribute post cards? We can print and mail them for you. Or maybe a keychain, pen or button for your supporters? And don’t forget about bumper stickers to get your name around town. We can print giant signs, banners and yard signs too!

Don’t let your opponent get the upper hand because you forgot to advertise. Republican, Democrat or Independent. No time for partisan politics here… we’ll get the job done! Call Century Marketing today!