It’s Time to Campaign

Election season is just around the corner and it’s time for candidates to start getting their campaign literature and signage ready. Here are just a small handful of the many things that Century Marketing can help a candidate with:

Yard Signs: Perhaps the most common and easiest way to get your name in front of voters. Depending on where the signs are placed, tens of thousands of voters can see them on a daily basis.

Business Cards: The most compact form of literature you can hand out. Put your contact info on one side and a campaign message on the other.

Bumper Stickers: Let your supporters spread your name for you with bumper stickers.  It’s a moving sign with your name on it.

Apparel: Polos and t-shirts are great to give out to staff and people who want to show their support of your campaign.

Stationery: It’s important to look professional on important letters sent to voters and potential contributors to your campaign.

Postcards and Mailing Services: Postcards are a great way to get your message in the hands of voters. With our mailing services, you can make sure that this message is getting into the hands of the people with which it will have the most impact.

It’s important to get your name in front of potential voters as early as possible. Get the jump on your opponents and call us today!