It’s that Time: 2012 Lists are Emerging

Every year, a list comes out of what was popular for that year. There are lists for everything, top catchphrases, top news articles, top electronics, etc. Often we take a look at these lists and think, “Wow! That’s can’t all be this year? Can it?” And this year is no different.

Google and Facebook both put out their top trending searches and topics for 2012 and it’s not surprising that they’re pretty similar. Albeit, Google’s list is much more in-depth as they broke it down into a 125-page document separated out into countries and categories, but still the same theory that Facebook had.

For both companies, the 2012 Presidential election made its mark. Ranking as the number one trend on Facebook and number three of Google searches, it was obvious that this was an election year. The Superbowl made the next highest trending status for Facebook and did not even make the list on top trending searches of Google, however did on the events of 2012 list. Third may or may not be a shocker to you, but Facebook has Whitney Houston’s death in this slot while Google had it as the number one trending search of 2012.

Here’s a comparative list between the two giants:


  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Hurricane Sandy
  3. Election 2012
  4. Hunger Games
  5. Jeremy Lin
  6. Olympics 2012
  7. Amanda Todd
  8. Gangnam Style
  9. Michael Clarke Duncan
  10. KONY 2012


  1. US Presidential Election
  2. Superbowl XLVI
  3. Death of Whitney Houston
  4. Superstorm Sandy
  5. London 2012 Olympics
  6. Death of Trayvon Martin
  7. Facebook IPO
  8. Aurora Shootings
  9. Death of Dick Clark
  10. 10. Obama’s Endorsement of Gay Marriage

(Source: Facebook & Google)

The noticeable difference between Facebook and Google is that Facebook seemed to focus more on big events: the election, Superbowl, Olympics, tragic deaths, and so forth, whereas Google trends people, pop culture, and events. Very interesting when considering Facebook was started as a service for college students yet focused more on serious topics.

Looking at this list never ceases to make you question: “Did all that really happen this year?” And the answer is yes, yes it did. 2012 is quickly coming to an end so review the year and think about what might come out of next year.