Thinking Outside the Box…Truck

At Century Marketing, we’ve had the opportunity to produce many wraps for for various sized vehicles. This usually consists of 10-15 panels which are printed, laminated and scissor cut down for installation. A fairly large but simple print job in the grand scheme of things. Mainly time consuming. Recently, we were contracted by a client to produce graphics for three large box trucks. While this seemed like a relatively simple task ( I mean their square right ) and we weren’t even supposed to wrap the whole thing, it proved to be much more challenging than I initially imagined. The graphics (mainly the logos and text) needed to be cut out for the installation and I thought no big deal we do this all the time and the printer/cutter can handle it just fine. Only thing is, each side was like 12 feet long! This is where patience and precision evince themselves as very valuable assets. Printing was the easy part. It’s the preparation that follows where things get a little unnerving. After printing, the panels must be laminated. No problem, I’ve laminated many long stretches of vinyl.

Now it’s time to send the panels back through the printer to cut out the graphics. This is where it gets tough because rolling a 12 foot piece of vinyl back and forth through the printer as it cuts allows opportunities for the vinyl to become off-center or fold over on itself thus ruining my hard work to this point. So, I have found it is very important to make sure the vinyl is absolutely straight when setting up the cut. And to make sure there is nothing that can obstruct the vinyl when it rolls back and forth. Ok, so I made it through the cutting stage.

Whew! Now, one last step before it’s ready for installation…I need to transfer tape everything so it can be installed properly. I’ve witnessed ( I don’t want to say many, but a few) graphics become mangled at this point because the backing paper gets creased going through the transfer tape roller. And the chances increase when you have a larger surface area to tape. At this point it would be unbearable to lose all my hard work to a transfer tape error. So it is very important to roll up the graphic straight and feed it through the transfer tape machine straight to avoid a complete loss. After holding my breath many times and focusing my undivided attention to the task at hand, we were able to complete the job and installation on time.