So this topic just came to mind with the huge winter storm we experienced here in Kansas City yesterday. We got about 12 inches of snow which is crazy for here.

I made it in and so did one other employee. Others worked from home and some took the day off. My sister is also coming into town in a couple weeks to help my mom after surgery and is going to work from there for 3 days (she’s from Dallas).

With all the advancements in technology, some people can telecommute very easily and be very productive, but it isn’t for everyone even if your job duties allow for it. Why? Because you still need to be free from distractions, disciplined, have proper technology, access to files etc from where you are.

At my house, with a stay at home wife, 2 young kids, and a 900 sq ft house… I can’t exactly get away from the noise and distractions. So working from home doesn’t work for me. Others who don’t have kids or have a room/office they can get away to and actually sit and work, it can work great.

Big snow storm…no big deal. Can still get to your emails, return phone calls, and work on projects just do it from home instead of the office. Or in the case of my sister, help a sick relative or friend but still be able to get in a solid 6-8 hours of work.

Technology is awesome in that respect. Even 15 years ago this wouldn’t be nearly as easy. With high speed internet and powerful laptop computers these days that are affordable, business can follow you outside the office. Never mind the easy access through smart phones, but being really active and productive from home like you were in the office can be done for many these days from the comfort (and safety) of their home and not let weather disrupt business.