Tax Time

Have your taxes done yet?

April 17th is the deadline and it’s coming quick. 10 years ago, if you waited until the last minute you were likely up all night the day before and pulling your hair out trying to figure out how all the forms go together, did you fill out the right ones, get all the credits you should, etc. Stressful times trying to do it yourself.

I’m not really sure how companies like H&R Block, Liberty Tax, and others are still in business. With technological advancements, many people turn to TurboTax online or even the other tax companies online. Fill in your information, go step by step, and the website generates all your forms and calculations for you. Even checks for errors and audit flags!!

There have been years that I waited until the last minute and stayed up all night. Then I waited until the last minute but TurboTax saved my life…or at least a penalty for filing late. Now, I always do my taxes right when I get my W-2 and if I owe, TurboTax can hold and not file until I decide at a later time to file and submit my payment. This way I can hold onto my money longer. But, I can rest easy knowing that it’s done, it’s online, it’s safe, secure, and all I need to do is hop online a couple days before the tax deadline, and press a button and I’m done!