The End of the Storefront?

How long until storefronts are gone?

There are companies that sell groceries online and deliver them to your house. Others that actually make your meals and bring them to you. We all know about and other online retailers who have the best deals around and most of the time free shipping and in some instances no tax! Traditional storefronts have to charge more than these massive online retailers because they don’t do the same volume and because they have to pay for a storefront which demands a higher rent fee and higher fee to maintain each month.

I thought about this when shopping in Town Center over the weekend. Stuff is pricey there just compared to driving 2 miles west for the same thing. And those prices are high compared to what I can pay online.

Storefronts I believe will always be around because people do want to touch and feel what they are buying and will want to be able to just run down to the store and pickup something, not wait a day or two for shipping. But, the more we buy online the more we are taking away from these stores and giving more to the large online retailer.

Business is booming on the web especially in this kind of economy where the online retailers can have lower prices and can save on areas that the storefronts cannot. We are already much further ahead in technology than most people’s parents or grandparents thought we would be. Is it all that crazy of an idea to think that 90% of all our purchases will be made online in the future and we will no longer have storefronts?