Starbucks May Soon Deliver to Your Door

Starbucks will soon bring the coffee to you. At least if you live in Seattle or New York. The coffee giant will use a couple different strategies to accomplish this. The first will simply enable you to use the Starbucks mobile pay app to order your drink and have it delivered. The second method will launch a new service called “Green Apron”. These will essentially be mini shops that are assigned to serve particular buildings. A single barista will work the at the mini shop and take the orders online. The first “Green Apron” service will be installed onto the Empire State building later this year, although I suspect this will require more than one barista.

How long it will take for a delivery service to reach the Kansas City area is anyone’s guess. Of the two service templates, the Green Apron method seems more practical for a city so spread out. A traditional delivery service would have the challenge of keeping an “extra hot” Carmel Machiato in the “extra hot” tempereture range after what would likely be a 10-20 minute delivery time. A latte or coffee just isn’t the same when it is “kept warm” for very long. This is why Starbucks has long had a store standard of re-brewing their coffee every 30 minutes. The freshness of the drink is critical and this will be a difficult problem to solve with a traditional delivery service.