Squeegee, Squilgee, Squimjim

Vehicle graphics come in many sizes and can be installed in a variety of ways. It is important to have the necessary tools before installation to ensure the the job is performed efficiently. For instance, when installing a simple cut vinyl graphic on a door, items such as tape, magnets, a tape measure, squeegee and scissors are essential. The magnets help to position the graphic while you measure to ensure it is straight and centered. Once in place, it can be taped across the center. Then peel the transfer tape (with graphic) away from the backing paper and cut the paper. Now you are ready to squeegee one half of the graphic in place. Once it is stuck, you can peel the remaining backing paper away and squeegee the remaining half of the graphic seamlessly to the vehicle. I may be easily amused, but there is a certain sense of satisfaction when you peel away the transfer tape and the graphic is flawlessly revealed. In writing this post, I wasn’t sure if I spelled squeegee correct (so I Googled it). Not only did I spell it correct, but I also learned from Wikipedia that a squeegee can also be referred to as a squilgee or squimjim. And there also exists a “Squeegee Man” in many parts of the world….