SOPA and PIPA Votes Delayed

Some of you may have heard about the SOPA and PIPA bills in congress to protect intellectual property. In reality, these bills will put undue burden on internet providers, search engines, and corporations.

On Wednesday, Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia went “black” for the entire day to protest the bills and to help bring exposure to them. They are extremely fearful of freedom of speech being trampled with these bills and a regulated internet. If you think that’s may not be so bad, have you read articles about internet users in China and how they can’t access certain sites? Or Iran?

More of you probably saw on Wednesday that Google put a black bock over their logo in a form of protest of these bills.

Being a web developer and growing up at the right time to have known life without the internet and life with it, very well, I can’t imagine unrealistic handicaps being placed on the internet and freedom of speech here in the United States!!! Internet piracy of software, music, and other intellectual items is a very real problem and must be addressed appropriately. Bring in the CEOs of Google, Wikipedia, news agencies, software manufacturers and collectively figure out how to take care of this issue without trampling the rights of people.

Seeing how the government tends to screw up most everything they touch, they should stay away from enacting laws regulating internet usage without full support from a wide range of parties involved.