SEO and Marketing Becoming One

I was reading an SEO blog for professionals in the industry and a common theme is that SEO isn’t just about on-site optimization for a website to reach its full potential. The social media aspect is very important, naturally occurring back links, but also non-electronic marketing.

An example of this could be as simple as having your website on a flier for people to go to. It’s one thing to list your website on your business cards, letterhead, and all print material, and something very different to have a physical campaign directing users to your website either through a QR code or a call to action.

You always see on the news they tell you if you want to hear more about XYZ report, goto their website and click on ABC link for details.

It sounds kind of dumb but small businesses really need to actually use their website and not just have it out there floating. It will work much better for them if they do their part and engage their customer base and direct people to their site.

Many have gotten much better with this over the years. Back when I got out of college 8 years ago, it was astounding how many small business simply had a site and didn’t even remember what was on it or how to get to it. Know what is on your site, keep it updated, and most importantly use it! It’s there to help you make sales not just bring in people through search engines. SEO is a big evolving thing that requires a lot from many different areas, one of which is on-site content which a company like us can help with, a great design that is easy to use (we can do that too), but you can’t outsource everything. You still need to do your part to bring people in from other areas.

Remember the “natural” back links thing and natural progression of traffic through social media and other means? Yea, that falls on the business to execute. If you are branding yourself and using your site properly you will get more of those natural link and social media interactions. You can’t just build a website and throw it up there and expect to rank well.