Let’s Sell Online

With the down economy for the past 5 years a fair number of people who have lost their jobs are giving a go at starting their own business. High unemployment rates and a tight job market, some have decided this was the time to be their own boss and take that step into owning their own business.

This is great! And our company can help you market yourself and make your one man operation look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. However, we’ve seen it too often that people think they can put up that website, sell online, and the sales will come pouring in. Afterall, anyone in the world can buy off the internet.

It’s not that easy.

A number of people seem to have thought that putting up a website to promote their company and product, and to add a shopping cart to sell their product would be enough for the sales to just stream in day after day. We can of course help you with a fantastic website, setup your e-commerce store, and help promote it but many are on tight budgets and may only have enough for the website and not for the other promotion (print marketing, post cards, mailers, vehicle graphics, apparel, etc) and have a make or break time frame of literally a couple months.

These types of scenarios rarely succeed. You need to promote your company through other medias and give it some time. Just because you have a fantastic product and can sell it online doesn’t mean the masses will know about it, find your website, and purchase it. You still need to hit the streets the old fashion way, put money into your marketing budget to promote, and get people to your site where you can then sell them on your great product.

There is a lot of competition on the web and just having a website isn’t going to do it. Small business are wonderful and drive our economy, just be sure you understand what all you need to do in terms of marketing before making that decision to take the plunge. We would be happy to discuss options with you and help you get your marketing plan setup so you know how much you will need to spend. Like anything, it tends to be more than people expect.