Scribble Pen Matches Color of Real World Objects

The Scribble Ink may be the worlds first “smart pen”. Armed with a 16 bit color sensor and color capture button, the scribble ink allows you to scan a real world object and match it’s color. The pen houses cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white ink cartridges, all of which are refillable. The color match is achieved in a mixing chamber under the cartridges. These are all clever ideas, but we haven’t gotten to the “smart” part yet.

The “smart” part of the pen is the Scribble+ mobile app that allows you to save, organize, and transfer up to 100,000 colors on your mobile devices. The app will be available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. The product is not available to purchase yet, but it will soon be available to pre-order on kickstarter.

I don’t want to be a puddleglum, but I am a bit skeptical that this product will deliver on its claims. First, though the product looks very well designed, the website shows nothing more than concept art at this point. There are pictures, but no videos showing the pen in action. It is also difficult to see how the “color sensor” can be very accurate. It seems that the light conditions in a room would have a significant effect on the color accuracy. It is not clear yet how this technology would work but then again, I am hardly an expert. Large professional printers don’t have this kind of color match tech yet as far as I know. All this seems a little too much like magic to me at this point. I would be happy to be wrong, but until I see a video demonstrating the pen in action, I will temper my excitement.