Science Has Made A Hoverboard By 2015!

Well, I guess you can believe everything you see in movies. Believe it or not, a legit hoverboard has now been invented. Introducing the Hendo Hoverboard, one of Time Magazine’s top 25 inventions of 2014. Not only does Time’s recognition add legitimimacy to the product, but Hendo also managed to film Tony Hawk riding one on a half-pipe(of sorts).

As you might expect, this hoverboard does not have all the capabilities that Marty McFly might expect for 2015. It will only hover over conductive material such as copper or aluminum. It also only hovers about an inch off the ground. The Tony Hawk video does not look all that impressive. What is really exciting is the potential. This hover tech can only improve. Should this become a widely adopted technology, you could have not only hoverboards everywhere but actual cars(if it could still be called a car) that use “hoverways” instead of roads and highways.  Of course this would bring more questions as to the practicality of mass producing conductive hoverways that could one day replace roads and highways. As is fitting when speculating about such a product, only time will tell.