What’s a Roll of Film?

Driving home from work last night I heard a spot on the radio about the demise of analog photography. It was sort of sad to hear them talk about the “End of an Era”. As an occasional photographer, I have a collection of film cameras ranging from Polaroid to 35mm to large format. All collecting dust in the closet. I was thinking about all the digital images we take and don’t get printed. Just building and building a massive archive to be stored on some type of digital device that may inevitably fail and all will be lost. Recently, I bought some 35mm film and thought it might be cool (and retro?) to shoot film and see what sort of interesting results I could produce. Unfortunately, I was only reassured that digital photography is here to stay for a reason. The photos really didn’t look that good (yes, I used a point and shoot, but still) and if I were able to see them before they were developed, I probably would have deleted most of them and saved myself the cost of film and developing. (Which was expensive!) I’m guessing there are many great photographers out there who swear by film and refuse to shoot digital. At one time, I thought I might be one of them. I’ll admit, digital photography was somewhat forced upon me for reasons of time and money. But it’s hard to deny the quality and efficiency of a high-end digital camera. I’m sure every now and then I’ll get a bug to shoot some film but it really does seem like such a hassle. Who knows…like the recent resurgence of vinyl records, maybe some day film will celebrate its triumphant return?