Responsive Website Design

Have you heard about responsive website design?

Technology has made it more interesting for website designers and programmers and this is one of those things that needs to be taken into consideration. What this means is, there are a lot of devices that we can browse the web one and they range in screen size drastically. A smartphone, a tablet, small laptop, regular sized computer and giant screen computers. To get your website to fit best on all these different screen sizes is where responsive website design comes into play.

The website is designed and programmed such that the elements of the site can be re-sized and repositioned depending on the screen size. Moving boxes of text or even changing the text size. Moving or replacing large images and other elements that are better for the computer screen not the tablet screen or phone.

Designers have a lot to think about when designing and programming because you don’t want to put in an element that makes it really cumbersome to change on a different screen size. User interaction and user experience is the focus so that visitors to your site, regardless of the type of device they are using, will have the experience you want them to have.