How to Repurpose Content to Reach Your Audience

As a marketer, you have a lot on your plate. Repurposing content you have already created can be a quick and easy way to reuse content you have already created in a new light. This post will give you some ideas and ways you can repurpose your content to gain more reach and get more viewers.

First off, you have to have a good piece of content to repurpose. Blog posts are great for this, especially if you go into writing them with repurposing in mind. Knowing in advance how you can turn something into a social media post or video before you even start writing your blog can help you to visualize the end result. Be sure to do your research and have high ranking keywords and visuals to pull in your audience and new viewers.

Does your business use email marketing? Already have a large list of subscribers? Send out your blog post in an e-blast. For this, you will want to make sure your piece, especially that first paragraph, has a good conversational aspect to it. This will help to draw in the audience to read more. And be sure to add some images, gifs or other visuals to help move the reader along and keep them engaged. No one likes getting a bunch of lengthy emails though, so be sure to mix it into your other emails.

Another idea for repurposing is to turn that blog post into a video. Videos are great buffers between all of the images, links, and anything else you might be posting. To turn your blog post into a video try breaking down the main points of your blog post, what are some of the main points you want your reader to take away? Once you have that list, try to condense it into an outline, something that you could then turn into your script. From there you can make your video. Shoot for something that isn’t too long, you want to keep people’s attention and keep them informed, you don’t want to drive them away. This is also a great way to show who you are and puts a face to the brand.

You could also go and turn that video into a Facebook live or Facebook story. If you have some main points you can shorten those into snippets for your story and have each small video clip be one point, with a conclusion at the end. Be sure to mention in the first snippet what you will be doing and how you will help their situation. This helps to wrap it all up and keeps your viewer interested, keeping them around until the end.

All good blogs have good visuals. When you are creating the graphics for your blog, be sure to make a few alternate pieces that can be used on social media. Keep them cohesive with a similar theme but something new and exciting to attract new viewers. This can include infographics. Infographics are great for telling a story visually. Whether you create bubbles or blocks with your main points in different areas or a roadmap with your main points that leads the reader from beginning to end. Infographics can be a great tool in any marketers arsenal to use in a blog, on your website or on social media.

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If you have multiple blog posts that all lie within the same idea or theme, turn them into an ebook. Simply putting your blogs together in a downloadable PDF that you can share on social media is a great way to bring in viewers. You could also add a button on your website or create a landing page specifically for that ebook to market to your audience. You could then go back to those blogs on your website and add the buttons or a graphic to make people aware of the ebook.

On the same lines as the ebook, you could create a resource library. The library could have all of your ebooks, blogs, infographics and other items that can be of help to your audience. Something they can download and read on the go, or share with their company. This helps to elevate your content and creates links which can help with SEO.

Repurposing doesn’t have to be limited to just your blog posts. Repurposing social media posts is great too. First, find the content that has had the best reach or best engagement with your audience. Then give it a slight makeover, change up the graphic, reword the text, turn it into a short video and send it off again. Maybe you had a piece of content that didn’t do so well, why not? Try changing it up to see if you could reach people in a different way. Maybe you had just posted the link with a photo. Use a quote from your piece to grab the viewer’s attention and an eye-catching image or graphic. Post it again and after a week or so track it to see how it performed against the first time you posted it. Maybe you’ll find a trend and be able to see what your audience likes and dislikes in posts.

The list could go on with different ways you can repurpose your content. You just have to find what works best for your audience and create content that works for them but could also bring in more viewers.

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