If the Redskins Get Rebranded

In the last couple of weeks a controversy has reignited over the National Football League team the Washington Redskins. Should the organization whose name references a living ethnic group rebrand because of the potential for offense? I am not going to weigh in on this controversial issue right now. However, if the organization decides to rebrand the team, what should the new name and look be?

Everyone is giving their opinion on a new branding direction for the franchise. Designers and even PETA are pitching in with their two cents. PETA is suggesting the franchise keep the “Redskins” name, but it should refer to a potato instead of a people group. The Washington Potatoes. Even though the Kansas City Star called this idea “half baked”, apparently this is not a joke. It should be.

When I think of other names or mascots that might be appropriate for our nation’s capital, I find that many of them are already taken. The Eagles is taken. The Patriots is taken. One of the better ideas is the Warriors, referring to our military. These are heroes that should be recognized, but this doesn’t seem very distinct from the Patriots unless they only refer to the patriots of the American Revolution.

Other tongue and cheek ideas that come to mind are the Bandits or Hyenas, in reference to our Washington politicians. Or how about the Donkaphants, which would be an amalgamation of a donkey and an elephant? I don’t know if any of these ideas will come to fruition, but it is entertaining to think about.