Red Dot Awards 2013

The Red Dot Design Awards recognize the top submissions of new design concepts and innovations from thousands of design concepts internationally. As I understand it, most of these submissions are not real products yet. I have Identified a few products recognized by the Red Dot Awards in the last year I think should be available in retail.

Product 1:  Cyclean

If you’ve ever been on a New York City subway train, you know that almost everything you touch has a disturbing film on it that is not sanitary, to say the least. The Cyclean proposes a solution to this problem. The handle is a strap that rotates in a cleaning chamber to keep your train handles free of gross germs.

Product 2: Drop Rest Mug

As I have shared before, I am a coffee addict. I also am prone to making a lot of messes by letting drops of coffee drip on this or that. This mug features a groove that is designed to catch drips going down the side before they reach your paperwork below.

Product 3:  Grass Printer

Look out Edward Scissorhands! This lawn mower can print graphics into your lawn based on the image that is sketched on the mowers touchscreen. With more development, I imagine it to be possible to convert 1 color vector vector shapes into the surface. How cool would it be to have your university logo cut into the endzones on your home stadium football field?

Product 4: Ruler Compass

The problem with drawing circles with a compass is that it is a pain to measure accurate sizes of the circle. This compass has a built-in dial that indicates the radius of your circle as the compass opens and contracts.