Reach Your Clients in Real-Time

Social media has become a staple in marketing. What’s a great way to get new clients? Connect to them through social media. It’s a way to have your current clients vouch for you to random strangers. If they see good comments made about your company then they are more apt to choose your business.

Everyone has heard of twitter, and people have differing opinions on it. Some love it; some hate it. But – did you know it truly is a fantastic way for your business to share up-to-the-minute news about your company? Sixty percent of its users “tweet” on their mobile devices. Sixty percent! That means you can reach sixty percent of your followers almost instantly.

In addition, half of all users follow more than six brands or companies. This translates to: if you are willing to put in the effort to create a platform for users to get engaged in, chances are, you will have followers. They’ll follow your business, feel like they know you, and want to support you.

Let’s say your business is dependent on the weather, you could simply send out a tweet saying “The weather’s fantastic. Today’s a great day to get your landscaping touched up.” If you own a store, you could tweet “Starting in one hour we’re having a sale on new items, 40% off!” The amount of people you reach, and how quickly you reach them is what makes Twitter so useful. For a business, a tweet is to remind your followers that you are there and with the real-time capabilities of it, you are able to remind them on days that are beneficial to the both of you.