Re-Brand or Not?

Every company goes through that time where they wonder if they need to re-brand their company or not. Things in the market are just not adding up and bringing in that revenue needed, maybe its your branding you think or maybe its just that time of year. There can be so many answers to this question. It is sometimes nice to star off with a new, improved, fresh look. Other times, your name and logo are so known that re-branding your company is a scary idea to think of. Here are a couple options to think about.

You can re-brand the full company. Change of name, audience, products, locations, prices, etc is considered a full re-brand. These changes can be a bit overwhelming for the owner, taking a new risk, just like any new business.

You can also re-brand just the image. Take for instance, Pepsi logo. It started off with just the font and has evolved year by year, adding colors and changing the font. However, everyone would know the Pepsi logo no matter what.

You do have options in re-branding. Just a new look could freshen up your company’s name. If you are feeling completely down, a full re-branding may be just what your company needs. Take the time to think about it & make a good decision.