Project Glass – Google

Holy shnikes!

If you haven’t seen this video on Project Glass from Google you need to check it out.

Project Glass

Ok you watched it right? From what I’ve heard and read this is what Google hopes will be reality and if it is and they can integrate it into sunglasses, prescription glasses, and figure out something easy for people without glasses this could be a real game changer.

Need directions somewhere? Just ask and you’ll have your GPS style directions “in screen” right in front of you. Reply to emails, texts, answer phone calls, video chat, listen to music…the possibilities are endless.

One limiting factor I see right now is obviously the hardware and software technology. The tech is here, but to make the update speeds faster, and the hardware sleek and stylish and SMALL will be a real challenge. LTE wireless technology should be able to handle what is required from this headset especially if it has on board memory to at least cache some of your favorite music and other bandwidth hogging applications.

This makes me think of the move Minority Report and how futuristic that movie was. That came out what? 10 years ago? I must be getting old. They say if you want to see what the future will be like, just watch science fiction. This is a big step in that direction and this is super cool.

Can Google make it, keep it inexpensive, cool, sleek, fun and most of all, have it actually work well without bugs? If so, this is no doubt a game changer and will change the daily lives of every person in technologically advanced countries.

But will it be good for society or will it disconnect us from the personal aspect of life interacting with people and life directly instead of through a headset?

I’ll be keeping tabs on how this project develops.