Pinterest For Graphic Design Inspiration

As a graphic designer, one of the most common challenges is to find sources of inspiration that will challenge me to get better. This is no different from any artistic discipline, I suppose. The whole history of art could probably be shown to be an elaborate tree of influence. No artist is completely original. No artist would be the same without the influence or inspiration of others.

I was surprised to discover that the social networking site Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration for the graphic designer. Pinterest is a pinboard-style website that allows users to collect and manage images by categories in folders called “boards”. You collect the images by “pinning” them to your board and you can follow other users and see what they pin on their board.

Pinterest has gained a reputation of being a website for women. My wife can testify to this because she has made fun of me for using it. But you can taylor this site to your particular interests and there is a vibrant and growing graphic design community present. You can find great logo designs for inspiration and follow users that have taste better than your own. This, in turn, will inspire you to bring your design game up to their level. You may even take what has inspired you and improve upon it and inspire others. Thus, the tree of influence continues.