How much Photoshop work is too much?

I heard this on the radio when driving into work today and decided to check it out. The Kardashian’s have a new ad for the line of jeans and it show all three girls topless wearing just the jeans. Don’t worry, it’s a PG-13 picture, but the real question I thought of is how much Photoshop work was done to this picture and how much makeup? You can view an article and the picture here.

That also made me think of the design world and showing a companies photography, how much editing work is OK and when do you draw the line of going too far in enhancing a photo? Some common things are cleaning up a person’s face who has a pimple or hair isn’t perfect, red eye is common on consumer end cameras, and so on. I’ve also seen and personally replace the sky in exterior shots of houses, put in landscaping that wasn’t there, and cleaned up oil stains in the garage or carpet stains. These are just a few of the many.

Where do you draw the line for how much is ok and what isn’t? Obviously if you are saying “here is a picture of what you are getting” and it’s altered, that is wrong. Or is it? Removing that oil stain in the driveway, or enhancing the color of those plants…

The fashion industry most everyone realizes this goes on with both computer altering but also huge amounts of makeup and lighting, but they are selling the jeans not the women so it is different.