How to Use the Photoshop Patch Tool

There are always those circumstances where a photo did not turn out just the way that you wanted. No worries, with today’s sources, you can easily fix those with tools. For a lot of the issues, you can use the patch tool or the clone tool to fix any misshapes.

To fix an area, select the patch tool in the toolbar of photoshop. You can use the patch tool, the same as you would use the lasso tool. Select the area that you are wanting to remove for the picture. Once selected, drag the area away from the area you are wanting removed and line up to match the area. The area will now be patched. If there are still areas that need fixed or touched up, use the clone tool to make those minor fixes to perfect the area. Some patching and cloning might need done more than once to make the finishes look more natural.

Check out this great tutorial by Terry White on how to use the patch tool