Photo Text Merge Tutorial

Wanting to do something fun and different with your text? Try putting a photo inside of text to change up a design. It is very quick & easy to get this cool effect.

Open your photo that you would like to be part of your text in Photoshop. Once your image is open, duplicate the picture layer (Control+J). Hide the background in your layers palette.You can now select the text tool & type the font and words you would like to appear in your image. Scale the text to size and position approximately.

Rasterize the type (right click on the text layer and select rasterize type). Move the text layer below the 1st image layer. Hold down the Alt key on your keyboard, and slide the cursor in between the first two layers & click. Your image should now be inside the text. At this point, you are still able to reposition the text to fit the image of the background that you would like viewable. Hold Control & select both the top (picture) & middle (text) layers. Hold down control and hit “E” (this will merge the two layers). Now, your image should  be locked inside of your text & you can place it where needed. You can use the image as is, or you can also apply any effect that you would like.

Check out this web tutorial if you are having any other questions in regards to phototext merge.