The Paw Wash

One of our clients, The Paw Wash, has been working with us for probably close to 4 years….maybe 5 even. They have this product for cleaning dog paws, have patents for it and sell it on their website

Over the years they have been able to get it into boutiques and slowly gotten it into larger pet stores not just here in Kansas City but across the country and even some locations in Canada! Katie, the inventor of the Paw Wash has been on lots of TV shows like Leno, Good Morning America and lots of other local programs.

They are trying to get The Paw Wash into Walmart stores and got through the first hurdle. Now, it is up to the public. If they get enough votes then Walmart will start stocking the Paw Wash! How cool is that?

They are asking everyone’s help in going to the link below and voting for them every day. If they get enough votes then you’ll be able to go down to your local Walmart and pickup The Paw Wash and not have to deal with ordering online/shipping. You’ll be able to “touch and feel” it in person and take it home with you right then and there. It’s a great product for people that take their dogs to the park or off-leash areas a lot…even hunters.

So help them out and vote for the Paw Wash!