Passwords AGAIN?!

I’m not a huge security person when it comes to my accounts and gadgets. I break the rules and have 2 or 3 passwords that I use for everything. A mix of letters, uppercase, numbers, and symbols. Believe it or not, they are even a random mix that I just so happened to memorize and is a 12 character string. Pretty solid for password protection.

I don’t change it every couple weeks like you’re told to. I don’t share it with people though.

If you get a hold of my computer or phone and get in, you’ll have access to most of my accounts because I save a lot of the passwords. Heck, if you got in the computer you already have the password for everything else so I’ll just make it easy on you.

What I don’t get, is people that are flat out STUPID and use passwords such as “password” or “Password1″, which, apparently is the most commonly used password in business. Are IT departments slacking this much? Have companies cut back to save money and don’t have people helping keep things protected?

Even your name and last 4 of your social, come on people is it really that hard to memorize a randomly generated string of 12 characters for your password? Really?

All you need is someone to hack into your email account, spew spam to all your friends, change your password so you can’t get back in, and now all your friends hate you. Or worse, now someone else has access to all your personal emails, bills, payments, accounts, and so on.

Just be smart people. Don’t use common words for your password, combine letters and numbers and throw a symbol in there somewhere. Or better yet, learn to memorize a random string, it’s not that hard. Really.

And anyone who does happen to guess my 12 random character password, remember, I have 3 of them so you only get access to 1/3 of my stuff ;-)