Parts to Having a Website

A good number of small businesses don’t really know what goes on to have a website up and running. Many tell stories of how an old employee had a son who’s friend did websites on the side and they took care of everything…but no one knows who they are or how to get a hold of them.

We can get you our web hosting but what’s a domain name?

We’ve heard it all.

When transferring a website over to us there are three main pieces we are looking for.
1) The domain name
2) The current web hosting information
3) Email information

The domain name ownership and login is the most critical piece. If you can’t find the login for that, don’t have it, don’t know where it was bought that can cause a lot of problems. If you have that, we can at least change ownership and redirect it to our servers and start over on the website and emails if needed but at least we can do something. If you have no way of finding your domain ownership information the other option is to purchase a new one and start over which may or may not be a bad idea.

The current web hosting information, normally and FTP account, is needed if you want to use your existing website design/files. This is the easiest as whoever designed and built your website may be a bigger headache to deal with than just getting the files off your server. If we are designing a new website, we don’t need this.

And thirdly is the emails. Do you have email accounts tied to this domain? If so what kind of email? POP3, IMAP, or Exchange? Do you like your current email host or would you like to use us? If you move it then we need to know how everyone accesses their email and backup procedures so you don’t lose old emails or contacts.

It’s information we must have in order to move things and get ownership. Starting over is a pain, but when that domain name was registered by someone else, and you can’t track down where exactly it was registered, sometimes it’s just easier to start over than to battle.